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license information

Private security advisor & installer : 851-340-50S

Cabler registration TITAB: T35961

The above information can be verified on the victorian police & TITAB websites.


Our number one goal is to provide all our clients with the best advice, quality and prompt service and of course the best price!

important information regarding working safely at your premises.

Getting a job done quickly makes the installer look good and the customer happy because the labour cost is usually cheaper! Lets think about this for a second, most work place accidents happen because of poor planning, working at paces that are too fast, stress and bad concentration. anything AV installers do not take any risk regarding the safety of you, your family, co-workers and of course the installers. It's a sad fact and I see it often where trades people are taking risks all the time to finish a job so they can get paid and head off to the next job ASAP. anything AV carefully plan every job before commencing work at your property. We never take risks that may cause injury to anyone!

things you can do before any work commences on your property!

Keep the work area as clean as possible and let the installer know of any possible hazards you are aware of, example wet floors we may slip on, loose boards, etc…..

If you have pets please isolate them.

IF PRESENT, PLEASE KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR CHILDREN, they love to climb ladders and play with our tools, which some are sharp and dangerous!


what to expect during the install.

Noisy environment, power tools make a fair amount of noise. The work area becomes messy and sometimes needs to be isolated from you and the public for safety, so the installer may let you know before hand if this needs to be done.

safety for all is our number one priority!

why choose anything AV


We arrive when we say we will arrive. We don't give you a morning or afternoon time slot like other installers. We will give you a reminder call letting you know we are on the way so you know we are coming. If by the remote chance some emergency does arrive we will contact you immediately and explain the situation so you don't waste the rest of your day.

qualified & trained

Technology changes rapidly, new gadgets seem to just appear out of nowhere that even surprises us sometimes. Rest assured we're on top of it, we can install your new product, teach you the basics on how to use it and of course give you the backup service and support, in case you hit a snag or two occasionally. So all you need to do is enjoy and leave the hard stuff to us.


Although it is not the law to be insured, some trades people actually are not, As a consumer you should always ask anyone who is planning to work on your premisis "DO YOU HAVE PUBLIC LIABILITY". The answer should always be YES. We will show you our current insurance certifcate and any appropriate licenses related to the work that will be done on your premisis.