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intrusion  alarms
BOSCH systems

When it comes to the safety of your family and protecting your property, anything AV can advise you on the best options for intrusion alarm security. 

Packages start from $899.00 fully installed. (conditions apply)

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security cameras


anything AV also installs HD Security Cameras for added security. In most cases just the sight of CCTV cameras installed around your property is likely to deter any would be thief. Crystal clear UHD (3840 x 2160)  resolution. You can also use the advanced smartphone app to remotely check your cameras live or watch pre-recorded footage anytime!

important information

  • In the state of victoria, it is a legal requirement that any person who is a security advisor or installer of either CCTV or intrusion alarms systems, must be registered with the victorian police.
  • When connecting a security system to a network, eg. phone line or internet for monitoring, you must also be registered with an approved ACMA register.
  • We will provide you with our credentials before any work is carried out!
  • BOSCH Security Systems

  • Easy to use

  • Back to base monitoring or domestic dialing options.

  • Remote keyfobs for easy arming & disarming.

  • Smart phone app for arming & disarming the system.

  • Pet friendly motion detectors to insure no false alarms.

  • Variety of keypads to choose from.

licensed technicians

7 days a week service

fully insured

safe homes

anything AV will keep your family safe!

State of the art security alarms systems from BOSCH are designed to do just that. Most would be burglars wouldn't even enter your property when they notice you have an intrusion alarm system installed.

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