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home automation

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is more than just lights turning on and off automatically.

True Home Automation is a complete automated environment control system. 

Imagine coming home from work and your home is prepared for your arrival.

As you enter your street, the garden and security lights turn on.

The driveway gates open and so does the garage door.

Inside, your A/C climate control has already created the perfect temperature.

Watch more of the videos below.

anything AV installers are fully licensed to install the fibaro home automation system.


designed so well that anyone can use fibaro home automation

A simple to use interface that is also easy to programme yourself.

Once we set it all up and show you the basics, the skies the limit after that!

when hard wiring is virtually impossible Z-wave is the answer

Sometimes even the best installers just can't run a cable from one room to another, not without knocking down a few walls in the process.

Z-wave is a state of the art technology that allows each unit to communicate with the next one increasing the range, just like a WiFi extender works!

easy icon style interface on mobile devices

Virtually an international language style app, so you don't even need to read anything, just look at the icon button and press. Simple!


easy setup that the home user can do without having to keep paying for service calls!

control any device that plugs into a STD power point in your home with the fibaro WALL PLUG


Because it's wireless it cuts down on installation time and best of all you can remove it quickly if you move to another location.

Units like the MOTION SENSOR that do not require 240vac can be installed by anyone so, upgrading and adding new features to your fibaro home automation is a breeze.